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CANYON (CND-SGM6N) CANYON Optical gaming mouse, adjustable DPI setting 800/1000/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800/6400, LED backlight, moveable weight slot and retractable top cover for comfortable usage

24,74 лв
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Мишка тип Оптична
Свързване на мишката USB
Безжична Не

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Canyon Hazard CND-SGM6N

The mouse made by hazardous minds for those gamers who play their favourite games to the extreme. Due to 9 customized buttons and 4 removable extra weights per 5 grams each, the mouse has great capabilities to get you to the top. Using mouse driver you can set up macros, assign button commands, response rate, DPI, and create player profile according to your own gaming needs. Onboard memory module allows to transfer custom settings and your entire player profile to other computers. No matter what grip you have, twin surface coating technology will provide extra durability and prevent from scratches and fingerprints. And awesome fire-coloured LED lighting helps you to enjoy long night gaming sessions and simply looks cool! A perfect weapon for a certain victory.

9 programmable buttons

Cool design with LED backlight

Adjustable DPI: 1000/2400/3200/6400

Adjustable weight control- removable 20g (4x5g)

Twin Surface coaling technology

Total customization software

Built-in memory module to save settings

Braided cable with ferrite filter

Connectivity Technology- Wired

Interface- USB

Number of Buttons- 9

Button Function- Programmable

- 1000dpi
- 2400dpi
- 3200dpi
- 6400dpi

Removable Weight- 4 pieces per 5 grams

Pointing Device Technology- Optical

Mouse Features- Braided cable with magnetic ferrite ring

LED Backlight- Top cover with rubber coating

Certifications- CE, RoHS

Input Devices - Mouse - Dimensions&Weight

Length (mm)- 196 mm

Width (mm)- 150 mm

Height (mm)- 56 mm

Weight (kg)- 0.28 kg Продукт известен още и като Hazard CND SGM 6 N, HazardCNDSGM6N, Hazard CND SGM6N, HazardCND-SGM6N, Hazard C ND-SGM6 N


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