Microsoft Sculpt Comfort (H3S)

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort (H3S)

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse Win7/8 Bluetooth EN/AR/CS/NL/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK EFR Black

Лизинг.ДДСфактура.Оторизиран сервиз.300лв безплатна доставка

72,74 лв
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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mse H3S-00001 (H3S-00001)

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Microsoft Мишка Microsoft Sculpt Comfort (H3S-00001)

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Мишка тип Bluetrack
Свързване на мишката Bluetooth
Безжична Да

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

The ultimate Windows mouse

The blue Windows touch tab on Sculpt Comfort Mouse revolutionizes the relationship between hardware and software, providing quick and easy access to your favorite Windows 8 features. Quickly navigate to the Start screen and access apps faster. Press the center of the sleek blue tab to switch between your current app and the Start screen. Or simply swipe up on the tab to cycle through all of your open apps, or down to reveal all the open apps and select the one you want.

Bring order to your busy days

The ease and speed of the Windows touch tab means you can get things done with precision and effortless control. Plus, Sculpt Comfort Mouse’s intuitive, modern design and high functionality make it the perfect complement to your Windows 8 experience.

Stay connected on the go

Sculpt Comfort Mouse features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily pair your device with your PC or tablet and not worry about using cords or transceivers. As well, its BlueTrack technology works on virtually any surface. The right-handed thumb scoop design and Tilt wheel allow you to quickly and comfortably scroll left, right, up and down.

Windows touch tab
Optimized for Windows 8, press the center of the blue strip to switch between your current app and the start screen. Swipe up on the blue strip to cycle through open modern apps, swipe down to reveal all the open apps and select the one you want. Also works in Windows 7: press to go to the Start menu, and swipe up or down to move forward and backward in your browser.

Scooped Right Thumb for Comfort Grip
Ergonomic design for right-handed users makes extended use more comfortable.

Four-Way Scrolling
Scroll four ways for greater efficiency and comfort by using the tilt wheel.

BlueTrack Technology
BlueTrack technology works on virtually any surface in your home or office.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Wireless Bluetooth technology allows instant connectivity and frees up a USB port.

System Requirements

Windows-based computer | Macintosh-based computer

Check this product's compatibility

Computer/Operating System
Requires a PC that meets the requirements for and has installed one of these operating systems: Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7.

150 MB Hard Drive

2 AA alkaline batteries required (included).

Продукт известен още и като Sculpt Comfort H 3 S, SculptComfortH3S, Sculpt Comfort (H3 S)
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