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Natec Геймърска мишка Natec Genesis GX57 (NMG-0600)

Бърза и сигурна доставка! Преглед и тест преди плащане!

49,96 лв
+ 3,99 лв за доставка
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Мишка тип Оптична
Свързване на мишката USB
Безжична Не

Виждате грешка в описанието или таблицата? Сигнализирайте ни!

Предлагаме ви Геймърска мишка Gaming Mouse GX57 4000dpi USB на цена 48.5 лв. ДОСТАВКАТА НА ТОЗИ ПРОДУКТ Е ЗА СМЕТКА НА КЛИЕНТА. Доставката на този продукт е до 72 часа

OPERATION PRECISION Natec Genesis GX57 is a professional, wired mouse for real players. AVAGO 3050 optical sensor with a resolution of 4000 DPI delivers incredible precision of mouse operation, allowing you to use it comfortably. DPI DYNAMIC CHANGE With the button to change resolution being situated right next to the scroll, it is possible to dynamically select one of four options depending on the needs of the user reaching a maximum of 4000 DPI. Each of the four levels is individually backlit, which informs about the current resolution. SOFTWARE FOR GAMERS A special software intended for players will let you program 6 buttons in any way, to which you can assign any function. The abilty to configure the device according to individual needs makes opponents remain far behind. EXTREMELY FAST RESPONSE Reporting speed of 1000 Hz guarantees very shor reaction time of the mouse, which becomes a component of maintaining an advantage during the game.

ERGONOMIC SHAPE The ergonomic shape and rubber grips makes the mouse comfortable for either hand. The device equipped with teflon glides moves lightly and smoothly on any surface, not impacting negatively on hand. BETTER CONTROL The manufacturer decided to build specially selected weights in the mouse, which thanks to its arrangement make the user has even better control over what is happening on the screen.

THE BEST QUALITY The mouse is made of the highest quality materials, so in combination with fault-tolerant cable and perfect fitting components, it is a product extremely durable and can cope with any, even the worst, conditions.


System requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Windows 10 (PLUG&PLAY)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later (PLUG&PLAY)
  • Chrome OS (PLUG&PLAY)
  • Linux kernel 2.6+ (PLUG&PLAY)
  • USB port
Warranty information
  • 2-year limited hardware warranty
Package contents
  • Mice
  • User Manual
  • CD
Product specification Number of keys 6 Sensor AVAGO 3050 DPI 4000 Report rate 1000 Hz Cable Length 200 cm Communication Wired Extra Functions Gaming software, Programmable keys

Гаранция: 24 месеца

Продукт известен още и като Genesis GX 57 NMG 0600, GenesisGX57NMG0600, Genesis GX57 (NMG 0600), GenesisGX57NMG-0600
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