NATEC Genesis Krypton 700 (NMG-0905)

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Genesis Гейминг мишка Genesis KRYPTON 700 - оптична (NMG-0905)

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Natec Genesis KRYPTON 700 оптична мишка 7200 DPI

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NATEC Mouse NATEC Genesis Krypton 700 NMG-0905 (Optical; 7200 DPI; цвят черен) (PERNATMYS0082)

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NATEC (NMG-0905) Мишка Natec Genesis Krypton 700, (7200dpi), Гейминг, USB, черна, подсветка RBG

49,00 лв
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NATEC (PERNATMYS0082) Mouse NATEC Genesis Krypton 700 NMG-0905 (Optical; 7200 DPI; black color)

81,53 лв
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Мишка тип Оптична
Свързване на мишката USB
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NATEC Gaming mouse GENESIS KRYPTON 700 DPIDescriptionSIMPLE FOR PURPOSE WITH CRYPTON 700Experienced players know that the most important features in a professional gaming mouse are the basic functions that have the greatest impact on the gameplay. Good sensor, fast response, secure grip and precision are the absolute basics of effective gaming. The Krypton 700 mouse combines these key features with a number of additional features, becoming a killer tool in the hands of a persistent player. TOP SENSORThe Krypton 700 is equipped with the world's first PMW3310 optical sensor from PixArt, which offers a wide range of capabilities for even the most demanding gamers. Resolution ranging from 400 to 7200 DPI, 30 g acceleration or tracking speed of 130 ips is just the most important of its features. The wide range of resolutions with personalized settings in the software (starting at 400 DPI) ensures that every player will find the optimal settings for the software. Self worth. In addition, the sensor has a very good response at low DPI values. DPI SWITCHHigh DPI value is not all. At Krypton 700 we have the ability to change DPI on the fly, without interrupting the gameplay, between 5 different levels, which each player can set themselves with dedicated software. In addition, any RGB highlighted color can be assigned to any selected DPI level, including the Chroma backlight option. MEMORY AND SOFTWAREThe ability to fit multiple mouse functions to your needs is a very important feature for many players. The Krypton 700 gets advanced software with the ability to assign any function to any of 8 mouse switches, edit profiles and macros, set favorite DPI values, and match your favorite colors to DPI levels. In addition, the mouse has built-in memory. RGB CHROMABy using RGB backlighting, each player is given the ability to set one of 16 million colors and shades to any defined DPI level. The additional Chroma backlight feature allows you to set the multicolor backlight. OMRON SWITCHESThe key switches of the Krypton 700 are the Omron design, the top manufacturer of this type of solution. Their lifetime is as much as 20 million clicks, giving each player confidence that the Krypton 700 will be a reliable and long-lasting weapon. ERGONOMICS AND CLEARANCECertain grip is the basis of effective and fast play, so the surface of the Crypto has been covered with high quality rubber to ensure comfortable use. In addition, the ergonomic design makes the mouse sit well in almost every hand, ensuring the convenience of playing even in the most arduous situations. Характеристики
No. of buttons:7
No. of scroll wheels:1
Resolution (min):400 dpi
Resolution (max):7200 dpi
Cable length:2 m
Мощност:USB 5V
Dimensions:41 x 80 x 125 mm
Other features:- Plug & Play- Supported operating systems: Win. 2000, Win. XP, Win. Vista, Win. 7, Linux, MAC, Win. 8, Win. Vista 64bit, Win. 7 64bit, Win. 8 64bit

Продукт известен още и като Genesis Krypton 700 NMG 0905, GenesisKrypton700NMG0905, Genesis Krypton 700 (NMG 0905), GenesisKrypton700NMG-0905
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