NATEC Sparrow (NMY-1186/NMY-1187/NMY-1188)

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NATEC Optical mouse Sparrow 1600 DPI black-grey (NMY-1186)

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NATEC Mouse NATEC Sparrow NMY-1187 (Optical; 1200 DPI; цвят черен, цвят син (NMY-1187)

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NATEC Mouse Sparrow 1600 DPI black-blueDescriptionSparrow mouse, black and blue   Modern design, compact size, precision and ergonomics are the features of a good mouse for anyone who spends long hours in office work. All these features plus a lot of functionality characterize the Natec Sparrow mouse. The small size saves space on your desk, a good sensor allows you to work faster and a nice look makes it an interesting piece of work equipment.   PRECISE WORK The mouse with which we spend most of our working time should be predominantly precise. At Natec Sparrow, this allows you to use an optical sensor that works seamlessly with almost any type of surface and provides efficient mouse handling. 1200 DPI resolution and a special DPI Switch button that allows you to change DPI values on the fly have a direct impact on the convenience of work. The user can choose two mouse rates between 800-1200 DPI.   MODERN DESIGN Natec Sparrow is not only functionality and quick response, but also its ergonomics and appearance are an important asset of the device. The mouse has been designed according to modern standards of design, subdued colors and streamlined shape make it look interesting and will be an interesting element of every place of everyday work.   COMPACT AND DURABLE Thanks to its compact size, low weight and the use of durable components, the Sparrow mouse is ideal not only for long work at the desk, but also as a companion of business trips, conferences and travel. The ergonomic shape makes the Sparrow mouse fit almost any type of hand. Характеристики
No. of buttons:4
No. of scroll wheels:1
Resolution (min):800 dpi
Resolution (max):120 dpi
Мощност:USB 5V
Dimensions:39 x 61 x 100 mm
Other features:Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Win. XP, Win. Vista, Win. 8, Win. 7, Linux, Android 4.2. 2

Продукт известен още и като Sparrow NMY 1186 NMY 1187 NMY 1188, SparrowNMY1186NMY1187NMY1188, Sparrow (NMY 1186/NMY 1187/NMY 1188), SparrowNMY-1186NMY-1187NMY-1188, Sparrow (NMY-1186/NMY-1187/NMY 1188)


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