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Предлагаме ви Mouse Sharkoon Shark Zone M50 Laser Gaming на цена 85.34 лв. Доставката на този продукт е до 72 часа
A Strong Piece of Hardware
Makesomething here: The Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M50 simply looks good. With ourSHARK ZONE logo on the surface, the discreet yellow LED lighting andthe typical yellow cable gives the mouse a trendy yet classy look onyour mouse mat. The black side panels and the distinctive surface givesoff an unmistakable style.

Best for Gamers
TheSHARK ZONE M50, however, does more than just look good. With theinterchangeable side panels, the M50 is customizable so that the mouseis a perfect grip for your hand. The base is constructed from aluminiumalloy and the Avago ADNS-9800 sensor provides up to 8,200 DPI. DurableOmron switches in the left and right mouse buttons ensure long-lastinggaming fun, while five mouse feet ensure optimum gliding.

Highly Adaptable
Theexterior of the SHARK ZONE M50 is not the only thing configurable. Thesoftware allows individual adjustments to six different DPI steps. Alsoavailable are settings for the polling rate, double-click and scrollspeed as well as angle snapping and individually adjustable axissensitivity. However, the SHARK ZONE M50 can do even more.

Macros Make it Possible
Whetherrepetitive office work or difficult key combinations while gaming, thanks to the customizable SHARK ZONE M50 you will never have to worryabout this again. You can program each of the seven buttons with click, macro, keystroke, or multimedia commands through the gaming software andsave complete game profiles within the onboard memory of the M50. Onceconfigured this ensures easy execution of complex keyboard sequencesincluding delays and mouse clicks.

Everything is possible with the SHARK ZONE M50. General:Max. DPI/CPI:8,200Sensor:LaserChip:Avago ADNS-9800Illumination:YellowMax. Polling Rate:1,000 HzLift-Off Distance:1-5 mmFrames Per Second:12,000Inches Per Second:150Max. Acceleration:30 gBottom Material:Aluminium AlloyMouse Feet:5, PTFEWeight Without Cable:135 gDimensions (L x W x H):121 x 80 x 42 mmSupported Operating Systems:Windows 7/8/10Button Properties:Number of Buttons:7Button Properties:7Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons: Operating Life Cycles of Buttons:Min. 5 Million ClicksDPI Properties:DPI Steps:8,200; 6,000; 4,800; 3,600; 2,400; 1,000DPI Switch: DPI Indicator:LEDSoftware Properties:Gaming Software: Onboard Memory for Game Profiles: Capacity of Onboard Memory:16 kBNumber of Profiles:6Cable and Connector:Connector:USBGold-Plated USB Plug: Textile Braided Cable: Cable Length:180 cmPackage Contents:SHARK ZONE M50CD with Software and ManualAdditional Set of Mouse FeetTransport BagScrewdriverSpare ScrewsInterchangeable Side Panels
Гаранция: 24 месеца Продукт известен още и като Shark Zone M 50, SharkZoneM50
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