Thermaltake Saphira MO-SPH008DT

Thermaltake Saphira MO-SPH008DT

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Мишка тип Оптична
Свързване на мишката USB
Безжична Не

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Perfect Hand Grip curve and sensation, gaming mice have never felt this great before.

Industrial-Grade Rubber-Coating Finish, developed by Tt eSPORTS, provides extra comfort and a better hand grip when gaming. Pause-Break Lighting Effect on the Battle Dragon logo stimulates your combat atmosphere.

T. P. G. (Tt Pro Grade) Gaming Optical Sensor with a 3500 DPI Engine.

Adjustable DPI from 100 to 3500, this agile sensor engine is fully functional on most surfaces. It also works great with the Tt eSPORTS White-Ra Special Tactics mouse pad. OMRON Gaming switches give you long life of 5 Million Keystrokes.

Control Sensation with the Side-Bar Grip.

Side-Bar Rubber Grip enhances further control, and with the industrial-grade rubber coating on the mouse body, the SAPHIRA becomes an extension of you. 4 DPI-Indicating Signals ensures your gaming demand is matched with the appropriate DPI level.

Intelligent Lock and Switch Mechanism, so clever you won’t be distracted.

Function-lock key prevents any command behavior from the side buttons while gaming. Personalized Weight-In Design allows the gamer to experience the mouse handling with greater comfort. Weight choice from 4.5g to 22.5g and On-Board 32kb Memory Storage for 5 Fully Customizable Macro Keys for RTS/FPS Game Genres.

SAPHIRA: the first official gaming mouse designed by Aleksey "White-Ra" Krupnyk.

The Champion of the IGN Pro League’s 2nd season in Starcraft 2, and the winner of SCReddit Invitational title and HomeStory Cup invites you to celebrate the birth of this amazing gaming mouse; presented by Tt eSPORTS.

Color - black
DPI - 3500
Sensor Type - Optical
No. of Buttons - 5
Game Genre - RTS/FPS
Memory Size - 32kb
No. of Macro Keys - 5
No. of Game Profiles - 5
Lighting Effect - Yes
Pause-Break Effect - Yes
Color Options - 1
USB cable length - 1.8m braided
Weight-In Design - Yes
Graphical UI - Yes
Industrial Rubber-Coating - Yes
Gold-Platted USB - Yes
Dimension - 115 x 63 x 38mm

//www. ttesports. com/products/product. aspx?p=25&g=ftr

Продукт известен още и като Saphira MO SPH 008 DT, SaphiraMOSPH008DT, Saphira MO SPH008DT, SaphiraMO-SPH008DT, Saphira MO-SPH008 DT

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